“The goal is: Enabling cargo to find its way, like information on the internet”



Delivery On The Spot

Forget about your postal address and get to know your GPS locations. Forget about the current connotations of ‘remote area’. Your business will flourish, as world wide delivery is no longer restricted by roads and large carriers. When in a disaster-struck area, aid organisations will deliver you what you need for the day, independent of ground conditions.



Autonomous navigation

Technological developments make safe, autonomous navigation the new standard. That logic is also true for small airplanes. So the world wide grid that we got used to for digital connectivity will be available for cargo delivery too, soon.




Cross-industry bridges

The Cargo Internet Development company (CID) has been established to build some essential cross-industry bridges to make this happen. Knowledge institutes are involved to foster and challenge breakthrough concepts. The solutions are thus practical and valid, while not necessarily based on current industry positions or blue print practice.




Wings For Aid

As its first project, CID leads the Wings For Aid project in the start-up and development phase. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) are fine-tuned and adjusted, to be used in last-mile humanitarian logistics. This way, CID strives to make this new technology available where it is not a ‘nice-to-have’, but a need to have, first.





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